Tirikala's Guruji Siddhar Siva Prakasha Ayya Guru Puja Festival in 2024

Engage actively in the Siddhar Siva Prakasha Ayya Guru Puja Organized by Tirikala, as you are warmly invited to participate in this annual ritual held at the sacred enlightenment Place of our respective Siddhar Siva Prakasha Ayya . His followers meticulously organize this significant ceremony, emphasizing its immense spiritual importance. Consistent involvement in the puja is highly recommended, believed to attract the blessings to resolve various karmic deeds.

For those interested in contributing as sponsors to the Siddhar community, supporting the costs associated with organizing pujas, maintaining the Jeeva Samathi, and sustaining the community's overall functioning, your assistance is immensely appreciated.

If you wish to contribute, please click on the following link: Click Here.

To access the Siddhar Puja schedule, kindly visit Tirikala.com Recognizing the pivotal role of gratitude in one's spiritual journey, take a moment to express sincere thanks for the opportunity to partake in the Siddhargal Guru Puja and for the invaluable guidance and blessings received.


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