Miracle Siddhar Verkadalai Swamigal

Miracle Siddhar Verkadalai Swamigal

Verkadalai Swamigal, a devoted follower of Lord Shiva in the 20th century, hailed from Chennai. It is believed that he worked as an assistant in the High Court. Outside of office hours, he would impart discourses on Shiva Puran, inspiring a deep sense of devotion known as the "SHIVA BHAKTI SPIRIT" among the people. His affinity for groundnuts earned him the endearing nickname "VERKADALAI SWAMIGAL."

Swamigal extended his benevolence to hospitals, distributing sacred ash to patients. Those who consumed this ash mixed with water reportedly experienced relief from various serious illnesses, often leading to their swift discharge from the hospital, attributed to the grace of Sri Verkadalai Swamigal.

His visits to restaurants had a remarkable impact, as after he requested his favorite dishes, a surge in customers would follow, bringing prosperity to the establishments. Interestingly, no money was accepted by the hotel owners from Swamigal, who found immense mental satisfaction from his visits.

This divine Siddhar also frequented other businesses such as garment stores, footwear shops, and vegetable markets, where he was revered as a divine persona, earning great respect from business owners.

Verkadalai Swamigal achieved Jeeva Samadhi in 1935 at Ayyavoo Street, close to Thiru-Vi-Ka Nagar Bus Terminus. Devotees are welcome to visit his sacred shrine to seek his grace. Let us honor and worship this great Swamigal, seeking blessings for ourselves.

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