Sun Remedies and Puja Prayers  - Agamic Rituals - Tirikala

Sun Remedies and Puja Prayers - Agamic Rituals - Tirikala

In sacred scriptures, Lord Sri Surya is referred to as Hiranyagarbha, symbolizing a golden-colored aura within the womb. He is also known by names like Rav, Dinkar, Dinesh, and Tapas. Sundays are dedicated to the Sun God, and worshiping the Sun on this day is deemed virtuous.

The karmic influences from past life actions are believed to manifest in various aspects of an individual's life, which is reflected via horoscope. The Sun's karmic influence extends to different dimensions:

  • Profession:  Governs authority, designation, dignity, ego, and confidence.
  • Relationships: Represents the father or guru figure.
  • Health :  Impacts vital areas like the stomach, heart, head, back, eyes, vitality, joints, and may contribute to conditions such as sinus issues, migraines,
  • Soul Journey: Holds significance in the journey of the soul (Atma).

How to select a remedy?

Navigating the realm of karma healing involves a nuanced approach, demanding a delicate balance in the karmic equation between actions and their repercussions. Individuals embark on an ongoing quest for solutions to confront challenges and alleviate their karmic burdens—a task, while daunting, remains surmountable.

Karmic astrological remedies emerge as powerful instruments to traverse the intricate landscape of life's trials. Encompassing diverse practices like mantra chanting, meditation, and various astrological interventions, these remedies act as guiding beacons, offering solace amidst life's complexities.

Crucially, the key aspect is to ensure that recommended remedies align with individual karmic challenges rather than providing generic solutions. Within the vast cosmic repertoire, a myriad of solutions exists, categorized as mantra, tantra, yantra, gemstones, rudraksha, yagya, rosary, and more. The challenge lies in pinpointing the remedy that harmonizes with an individual's karma, effectively aiding them in overcoming their unique challenges.

Yantra Worship:

Worshipping Handwritten energized Surya Yantra, which is a mystical diagram representing the energy of the Sun, is believed to bring positive energy.

Agamic Puja:

Participating in the Prayer to Goddess Matangi Puja and Agastya Siddhar Puja is considered a traditional remedy to reduce karmic baggage. These pujas involve worship and offerings to the divine entities, seeking their blessings to alleviate the impact of past karmas. The spiritual energy generated through such rituals is believed to bring about positive transformations and help individuals overcome karmic challenges.

Homam ~ yagam Puja:

Performing a Surya Homamsurya preethi homa ), a fire ritual dedicated to the Sun through Agamic , is considered an advanced remedial measure. 

Pilgrimage Visit:

Visiting Arunachala temple at Thiruvannamalai will help to overcome the malefic effects of the sun.

It's crucial to note that the appropriateness of these remedies depends on an individual's Karma  and they should be undertaken with sincerity and faith. Additionally, individual beliefs and cultural variations may influence the choice of remedial measures. Consulting with an expert astrologer before implementing these remedies is advisable to ensure they align with one's specific astrological configuration and life circumstances.


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