Scientific result on Nadi Astrology - Indian Palm Leaf - Final

Scientific result on Nadi Astrology - Indian Palm Leaf - Final

Part 4 - Scientific result on Nadi Astrology - Indian Palm Leaf

According to Permutation and Combination, there are 285,311,670,611 different sequences that can be formed by the eleven types of line patterns found in humans. Theoretically, only when the world's population exceeds this number can there be two people with identical linearity.

This implies that until the world's population surpasses this count 28531 crore and wait until the population reaches?Is it possible for clones to have identical line systems?

Theoretically possible," says Lirba Loop, a Bulgarian professor. Does this imply that Kali Yuga will reach its peak when humanity can artificially replicate itself to that extent? Could this notion align with what ancient scriptures suggest? Now, a slight diversion. Considering the Tamil diaspora spread across the globe, is it beneficial to have some knowledge about other cultures?

Another field employing the principles of permutation and combination is "Yeatsing" Iching, or Chinese astrology. "Yee" denotes change, while "Singh" refers to thread. This book anticipates changes over time and delves into the life cycles of individual human beings.

The book also offers guidance on handling specific situations, making it popular even on the New York Stock Exchange. It can also shed light on the future of nations or societies. The world may face disruptions, a phenomenon recognized by ancient Chinese sages. However, even their knowledge doesn't quite match the depth of Tamil Nadi scriptures. Yeatsing incorporates not only permutation but also the Binary System. Scholars in Indian astrology should consider exploring methods like Yeatsing. Vaitheeswaran Temple, Thiruvanaika, and others house some of the most significant Nadi texts in Tamil Nadu

Many are unaware of the scriptures in Kunrakkudi. Discovering the owner of a specific person's Nadi records is quite challenging, as they're not widely accessible.

Only a handful are readily available, often requiring minimal effort to locate. Various methods are employed to find Nadi scriptures. Janana Lakna serves as the foundation for Saptarishi Nadi, while fingerprints play a crucial role in scriptures like Kalasikam, Machendram, and the Kunrakkudi system. Timing the meeting with the astrologer is deemed crucial for those seeking to access the Nadi.


Note : This independent research conducted by Tirikala Finding delves into various aspects of Nadi astrology


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