Thila Homam Remedy for Pithru Dosha

Thila Homam Remedy for Pithru Dosha

Thila Homam, a potent Karmic ritual known as the Fire Prayer, is undertaken to mitigate the adverse effects of Pitru Dosha, which is perceived as the ancestral curse when our deceased forebears remain unappeased. Utilizing sesame seeds ('Til'), this ritual aims to address issues stemming from the unresolved emotions of our ancestors.

Through the performance of Thila Homam, one seeks to pacify the souls of departed ancestors still tethered to the earthly realm. For individuals afflicted by Pitru Dosha in their horoscope, Thila Homa is considered the optimal remedy, as it is believed to eliminate the negative repercussions of Pitru Dosha from the future generations' birth charts.


Thila Homa is performed to resolve problems caused by the anger or unsettled issues of deceased ancestors. It is believed to remove the ill effects of Pitru Dosha from the birth chart of future generations.

Who should perform it:

  • Individuals with Pitru Dosha in their horoscope.
  • Those whose family members died unnatural or sudden deaths.
  • Individuals who do not perform ancestral rituals (Tarpanam) regularly.
  • Those facing problems related to marriage, job, progeny, finances, legal issues, or paranormal occurrences.

Benefits of Performing Thila Homam

Thila Homa is believed to please and propitiate departed ancestral souls, removing negative karmas and bringing blessings and protection to the living descendants.

Temples to Perform Thila Homa Rituals

Distinguishing itself from other homas, Thila Homa is known for the potential hurdles individuals may face before its successful completion. Yet, those who persevere and conduct the ritual may witness transformative events in their lives, attributed to the ancestral blessings received.

The Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, and 

The Kasi Vishwanath Temple are mentioned as auspicious places for performing this ritual.

Currently Some astrologer suggest Place Like Thirupullani  and Sethukarai energy spot because of various Factors.


To fully benefit from Thila Homa, adherence to specific instructions is crucial. Inadequate performance of the ritual could exacerbate Pitru Dosha. Knowledgeable priests are recommended for the proper execution, using the correct mantras with accurate pronunciation. The date and time for Thila Homa are determined based on the devotee's Nakshatra and birth chart, and the participation of each family member is deemed obligatory.

Thila Homa involves the offering of sesame seeds into a sacred fire, worship of Lord Surya, chanting of mantras (including Gayatri and Pitru Dosha mantras), Kalasha, Phala, and Ajya Daanas, Yama Raja Pooja, and concluding with Bali Tarpanam.

Frequency: It is recommended that a person performs Thila Homa at least once in their life.

Additional rituals: Performing Bali Tarpanam regularly on Mahalaya Amavasya or or Amavasi Tarpanam  is emphasized as an essential complementary practice to Thila Homa.

Thila Homa acknowledges the profound influence ancestors wield over our destinies. Rituals performed to honor them are believed to impact the DNA of the soul, cleansing biological and spiritual inheritances that predispose us to life's challenges. These rituals, including Thila Homa and Tarpanam, are seen as a means to seek spiritual enlightenment by absorbing the energy passed down by our ancestors. Such practices are viewed as pleasing to ancestors, leading to the removal of negative karmas and the bestowal of blessings, acting as invisible guardians.

Note It is emphasized that the ritual should be performed by knowledgeable priests, using the right mantras with correct pronunciation. The date and time for the Homam are determined based on the Individaul Karma based on their Birth chare, and the participation of each family member is considered compulsory either  Online Participations is Mandatory

The detailed instructions and precautions underscore the significance and seriousness associated with Thila Homa in the context of ancestral worship and resolving issues related to ancestral curses.

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