Requirements for Qualified Nadi researcher

Requirements for Qualified Nadi researcher

What does it take to become qualified person to research Nadi Palm Leaf astrology?

Becoming qualified to research Nadi Palm Leaf astrology typically involves a combination of study, practice, and cultural immersion. Here are some steps one might take:

Its has been well said by saint Thirumoolar - 657

நாடியின் ஓசை நயனம் இருதயம்

தூடி அளவும் சுடர்விடு சோதியைத்

தேவருள் ஈசன் திருமால் பிரமனும்

ஓவற நின்றங்கு உணர்ந்து இருந்தாரே "

English Translation

"Through the Nadis that pulsate

In the ear, eye and heart Animates t

he one spark of Light Divine (Kundalani) That is God;

The Gods, Rudra, Vishnu, and Brahma Respective there seated art."

When two individuals perceive the inner light, their truths harmonize without contradiction, as they have realized the essence of existence. A deeper examination of astrology unveils this underlying truth. Research must entail reviewing the Nadis discovered from a higher spiritual perspective, free from arrogance and opposition. Only then can the sages assist in decoding these sacred scriptures


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